La collecte de Sophie GILHODES

by Sophie GILHODES for Imagine for Margo

Those who have known me for a long time know how much the cause of Imagine for Margo is close to my heart. 

Thanks to this association and its entire ecosystem in France and in Europe (volunteers, researchers, companies, donors, politicians, etc.), research on pediatric cancers is really progressing. €14 million have been raised in 11 years which financed 27 research programs. The Imagine for Margo team is doing an amazing job.

Should you want to be part of this meaningful journey, it's easy.
Either register to the race and join us next Sunday at the Parc de St Cloud for its 12th edition (run, walk, enjoy the scenery) :
or contribute on my page 
Should you be able to come, this will be a unique opportunity to listen to the testimonies of families, researchers, understand where your funds have been invested...

I hope to see you on Sunday. T he children are counting on you.

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Imagine for Margo

L'association Imagine for Margo - reconnue d'intérêt général - mobilise les acteurs clés de la santé et collecte des dons afin d'accélérer la recherche européenne contre le cancer des enfants. L'association mène également des actions pour sensibiliser à la cause, améliorer le bien-être des enfants malades et soutenir leurs familles. Depuis sa création en 2011, Imagine for Margo est devenue un acteur majeur de l’oncologie pédiatrique à l’échelle nationale et un acteur influent en Europe.