Swimming escapes for France Choroïdérémia

by jacques tuset for France Choroïdérémie

I swim to raise funds for France Choroïdérémia, a non-profit that supports boys and men affected by a rare disease that gradually makes them lose their vision. I also wish to raise awareness for Choroideremia so that one day, all children who are affected by the disease will have a hope to be cured. This disease traps people in darkness like a prison, as prisoners are trapped into buildings when they are in jail. That's why I've decided to embark on a swim challenge called “Prison Island Swims,” to escape from prisons by swimming and raise funds to fight this terrible disease. 
Swimming gives me a feeling of freedom and escaping. To swim in a natural environment, without a wetsuit and without fins, gives me the sensation to be as free as the water. For the “ Prison Island Swims” project, I escape from famous prisons located on islands by swimming to the closest continental landmass, whether it's 100 m or 25 km. 
All the money I raise goes towards  http://www.france-choroideremie.org
Please help children affected by the disease and donate here. It's very easy and 100% secured. Thank you for your support !

Jacques Tuset
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jacques tuset - 6/29/17
France Choroïdérémie

La Choroïdérémie est une maladie génétique de l'œil. C'est une maladie héréditaire: les filles sont porteuses et les garçons perdent la vue. France Choroïdérémie finance un projet de recherche à l'INSERM de Montpellier: un traitement a été mis au point, il nous faut maintenant des fonds pour le finaliser et soigner enfin cette maladie. Nous avons besoin de vous... (un don sur Alvarum ne rend pas automatique une adhésion à l'association. Pour adhérer il faut en faire la demande)