Fundraising - Noémie Hémery and Anne-Sophie Grasmuck Colson

by Noémie Hémery and Anne Sophie Grasmuck Colson for Keep A Breast Fondation Europe

Beginning of March (8,9,10), we will participate to a sport challenge in the heart of the Alps (Chamonix) organised by Defid´elles .

We already participated last year to this very unique experience, where approx. 50 teams of 2 women participating during 2 days of the following challenges: trail 16km (440 vertical drop), 12km biathlon, 4km of cross-country skiing just followed by a trail of 7km (150 vertical drop).

This challenge was very powerful with a lot of kindness and very inspiring women (some challengers were fighting against breast cancer and participating!).

However, we promised ourselves last year to participate again on one condition: organise a fundraising!

We encourage everyone to take time to support important causes and we would like you to have a look and donate to this amazing foundation to finance their actions:

KeepaBreatEU (against breast cancer)

We will (again) get out of our comfort zone, push our limits, step out and feel alive for a good cause!

Donations will be made via Alvarum - easy fundraising platform and 100% secure.

Thanks for your support!

Noémie Hémery and Anne-Sophie Grasmuck Colson
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