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by Mathilde Bihan for Imagine for Margo

Cancer is a leading cause of death for children and adolescents

Are you living in high-income countries ? your child may have 80% chance to be cured
Are you living in a lower middle- income economies? your child will have less than 30% chance to be cured...

These are figures, do you imagine as parents, starting a treatment for your kid and living with the anxiety to be among those for which it didn't work...

You know this feeling as parent, when your kid is sick and you cannot ease his pain ?
This is a terrible feeling. 

No kids should endure nausea and vomiting, feeling tired all the time, so tired that they cannot play anymore, missing their friends birthday...

I want all kids to have the chance to be as much alive as they should be !!

I really think that "Imagine for Margo" are doing a great job and that's why I have decided to raise funds to help them perform their work.

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me in my fundraising efforts by making a donation to "Imagine for Margo" or bringing awareness around my fundraising efforts. There are no small donations.

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Thank you for your help!

Mathilde Bihan
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Imagine for Margo

L'association Imagine for Margo - reconnue d'intérêt général - mobilise les acteurs clés de la santé et collecte des dons afin d'accélérer la recherche européenne contre le cancer des enfants. L'association mène également des actions pour sensibiliser à la cause, améliorer le bien-être des enfants malades et soutenir leurs familles. Depuis sa création en 2011, Imagine for Margo est devenue un acteur majeur de l’oncologie pédiatrique à l’échelle nationale et un acteur influent en Europe.