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by Marek Dobrzycki for Institut Curie

Starting on 6 March, I will be cycling to raise funds for the Institut Curie, a leading player in the fight against cancer ! 
Along with 60 of my colleagues from the real estate industry, I will be making the 950 km journey from Paris to the MIPIM real estate conference in Cannes by bike. 
To raise funds for this good cause, I'm reaching out for sponsors!

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INSTITUT CURIE  is a private non-profit foundation operating a research center on biophysics, cell biology and oncology and a hospital specialized in treatment of cancer. It is located in Paris, France. More information:
Marek Dobrzycki - 2/24/20
Institut Curie

Fondé en 1909, l'Institut Curie est une fondation reconnue d'utilité publique qui rassemble 3 500 chercheurs, médecins et soignants mobilisés pour lutter contre le cancer. Problème majeur de santé publique avec 380 000 nouveaux cas chaque année, les cancers sont devenus la première cause de mortalité en France.