La collecte de Jane GAWN

by Jane GAWN for Cancer Support France

I support Cancer Support France which is doing very important work. I decided to raise funds to finance their actions.
To help me, I suggest you make a donation to Cancer Support France or promote my initiative.
Donations are donated by Alvarum.
It is very easy and 100% secure.
Thank you for your support!
Jane Gawn
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With help of people.
On my target of  500
Your donation goes to Cancer Support France.
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2 News
Well, I am now at 1320 kilometres trying to reach 1600 by the end of September !
At least the forecast is better for next week ! As it looks more like October  than August with rain and wind outside ! I will sort a photo of my new " green cycling shoes"..once the weather is better!
I set up this page just as we advertised our newly renovated gite..and we couldn't believe it we have 9 weeks of bookings ..all Europeans of course ! 
So just as well I gave myself until the end of Septemer to reach 1600 kilometres!
Please give generously for a very worthy cause ..
Jane GAWN - 8/5/21
I participate to the campaign
Cancer Support France

Cancer Support France is a network of independent associations throughout France that provides support for English-speaking people of any nationality who have been touched by cancer. Each association organises itself according to the needs of its own area and all associations are set up according to the French law of 1901.