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by Catherine Boalch for Imagine for Margo

Melanie and I are excited to return to the beautiful grounds of St. Cloud this year (with Raffi, naturally) for the 10th anniversary of Robbie's passing. The funds raised this year are destined for a new cooperative research effort, Fight Kids Cancer in partnership with associations in Belguim and Luxembourg. It will finance research trials for six of the most common aggressive pediatric cancers with high relapse rates. Please help me in my fundraising efforts by making a donation to Imagine for Margo or bringing awareness around my fundraising efforts.

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Imagine for Margo

L'association Imagine for Margo - reconnue d'intérêt général - mobilise les acteurs de la recherche et collecte des dons afin d'accélérer la recherche européenne contre le cancer des enfants. L'association mène également des actions pour sensibiliser à la cause et améliorer le bien-être des enfants malades.