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by Marius Ciupe for Imagine for Margo


About my fundraiser

Enfants sans Cancer 2019,

Hi dear friend,
Did you know that more than 20 children die every day in Europe because of cancer?
"Imagine for Margo" is a no-profit organization, intended to help research on treatments for children with Cancer, to provide support to affected families and contribute to the well-being of hospitalized children.

I have decided to support this NGO and raise at least 300€ for their cause. In order to reach the goal, I need your precious help - please donate using the button bellow or share this link to all the people who might contribute.

All your donations will be transferred directly to "Imagine for Margo", the payment being fast and 100% secure. Moreover it's tax deductible in many countries (ask for the proof after the paiment)

I will let Angie explain better why it's so important to give and help others that are less fortunate:

Thank you for your help!

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Imagine for Margo
L'association Imagine for Margo - reconnue d'intérêt général - mobilise les acteurs de la recherche et collecte des dons afin d'accélérer la recherche européenne contre le cancer des enfants. L'association mène également des actions pour sensibiliser à la cause et améliorer le bien-être des enfants malades.