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Berlin Marathon 2016,

I ran my first and only marathon 12 years ago in Portland.   In my memory it wasn't that long ago but I went back to my files and confirmed that the year was 2004 which explains why I have no Facebook photos to prove it.   Around that same time, we began sponsoring children through World Vision.  

In the past several months, my interest in longer distance running has been renewed through the influence of a passionate running partner.   Maureen The Pro and I The Willing will be doing a half marathon race in nearby Germany next weekend.  So far my body hasn't rebelled. (I've been reluctant to give my body full disclosure about the German hills next weekend...)

As we have been looking for a full marathon to do in the fall, Berlin- one of the major marathons- had been on our radar.  But when I saw there was an opportunity to run the Berlin Marathon by raising money for World Vision and specifically for the 12 million Syrians displaced by war, I knew this was the race for me.  Living in Europe, we have seen and felt the refugee crisis.  Everyone has.  But knowing how best to help has been harder to figure out.  World Vision does.   If you don't know of World Vision, they are a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children and families worldwide by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.  They are committed to meeting the tangible needs of the oppressed.

So I'll be running the Berlin Marathon for Team World Vision on September 25.   The money our team raises will go to help the Syrian refugee children and adults living in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq by providing food, clean water, heath care and education.

My goal is to raise €800.  If this is a cause that moves you to action, I would be most grateful for your support.   No donation is too small.  Every dollar just like every step along the 26.2 mile course counts.  The fact that the marathon is taking place in the now vibrant city of Berlin, a city where other families were displaced and ripped apart by forces beyond their control not so long ago, gives me hope for the people of Syria.  But until then, they need our help.

 Thank you so much for your support.  And thank you Berlin for making a flat course.  xo Kate

(Note: Donations are processed through Alvarum.  They take VISA and Mastercard.  They promise it's easy and 100% secure.  I just tested it and it was in fact easy.)

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