Rire médecin : Julia Wanjiru Nikiema avec ACBB Judo

by Julia Wanjiru Nikiema for Le Rire Médecin


About my fundraiser

Course des Héros Paris 2019,

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am supporting the Rire Médecin because it's a great initiative to make some ill children smile again. Everything can happen at any time and everybody needs some help once in a while. And as the saying goes: "A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything." Sometimes the little things - a talk, a laugh, a smile or simply some attention - can make a difference. The Rire Médecin supports children and parents who definetly need some support. I think they do a great job and I hope you will support them too.

Here is the deal: I will run a 10K on 23 June at Parc St Cloud to promote the initiative. You will support the initiative with a small (or big) financial contribution. I admit that I have never done this before and I am grateful for every cent you contribute.

I will join a group of judoka from the ACBB Judo Club in Boulogne-Billancourt. It's a very good club with great team spirit. I hope that many others will join us!

Julia Wanjiru Nikiema

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En France, 1 enfant sur 2 est hospitalisé avant l'âge de 15 ans. Pour aider ces enfants et leurs familles à mieux vivre ces moments difficiles, les clowns du Rire Médecin leur offrent la possibilité de rire et d'oublier un instant la maladie. Présents dans 47 services pédiatriques en France, nos 100 clowns assurent 80 000 spectacles personnalisés chaque année, grâce à vos dons. MERCI ! Mentions légales sur www.leriremedecin.org/foire-aux-questions.html