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by Caroline Gettler for Imagine for Margo


About my fundraiser

Enfants sans cancer 2016,

Dear friends, 

this project means really a lot to me.  

"Imagine for Margo" was founded by the parents, who lost their beloved child due to cancer. The case of Margo isn't an exception. 1 in 440 children is diagnosed with cancer before the age of 15. Cancer is the number one cause of death by illness in children. Every year in France, 2500 children are diagnosed and 500 die. 

Imagine for Margo is a non-profit organization. It works to spread awareness and to collect funds to aid European research on  specific, innovative and more effective treatments for children afflicted with cancer. It supports families and contributes to the well-being of hospitalized children.  

I am so thankful for any support or donation - every cent counts!! 

Thanks a lot!! 


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Imagine for Margo
L'association "Imagine for Margo" mène des actions de sensibilisation et de collecte de fonds afin d'aider la recherche européenne sur des traitements spécifiques, innovants et plus efficaces pour les enfants atteints de cancer. Elle apporte du soutien aux familles concernées et contribue au bien être des enfants hospitalisés.