My Birthday fundraiser for Morija Wash Program in Burkina

by Cristiana Moreira for Morija


About my fundraiser

Hello my dear ones,
It's almost my birthday. (Yes, I'm turning 35 on May 8th. OK? Let's move on.)
I'm not usually a big birthday person, but this year I've decided to turn it into a force for good.
I'll keep this simple. It would mean a great deal to me personally if you would make a gift of any amount to Morija, a group I believe in with my heart, time and money.
If you're someone who traditionally gives me a birthday gift, all I want this year is a gift for Morija.
No socks, Lucie; no dress shirt, Aurelia; no novel, Laurent; no checks, Carlos and Xana; no miracle of craft work, Rik; no booze, everyone else.
So, in honor of my birthday, I would be so incredibly grateful if you would make a donation to Morija. If you love me, then it would mean so much for you to honor the work I have committed to. If you love the program, then you'll be giving to a great cause. And if you love me AND the project-well then I guess you better double your gift!

Much love and gratitude,

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Depuis plus de 30 ans, Morija met en place, avec ses partenaires locaux, des projets d'aide au développement en Afrique, principalement dans les régions défavorisées d'Afrique subsaharienne. Les actions déployées au travers des différents projets visent à répondre à 5 grandes problématiques : la malnutrition, l'eau-hygiène-assainissement, la santé, l'éducation et le développement rural.